Thursday, August 13, 2009

Winter wool adventure

My sister Ari, Cuz Rose and me at Grandmas having a 80th birthday get together while in Melbourne

If anyone out there actually reads this blog and was wondering "Whats happened to Zoe? Looks like she went to Melbourne and never came back!!" Well I did come back and got pretty sick and have been held up in bed for the past week. The thing I dislike most about being sick is I have all that spare time to think up things to make, look at crafty books and get all inspired but have no energy to do anything. So by the 4th day I was feeling totally creatively constipated and started to cut a felted pink cardy I had into a dress for Bb, its still laid out on the kitchen table half done! But inspired by the book 'Warm Fuzzies' by Betz White. Theres a gorgeious pattern for a Aline little girls dress made from felted upcycled jumpers and I just cant resisted a little girl dress even if winter is coming to an end, Tingha is still freezing.

But being in bed meant I could finally finish my very over due library copy of 'Knit two' the sequel to 'The friday night knitting club' by Kate Jacobs. Love those books but again made me very inspired to grab my knitting needles and knit a Georgia's Afghan.
This winter has been full of Wool related crafts, some new and some old. Like I learnt to knit when I was in grade 1, I remember knitting a large red square. But this winter I finally learnt to Crochet and went a bit crochet crazy which is inevitable! Also lots of Felt, I buy this lovely 100% wool felt from the Steiner shop in Bellingin NSW that comes from Germany which I love to cut into little birds, flowers or love hearts and applique. Also felting wool jumpers and vamping into new creations like the baby boy blanket. I even bought some wool dyes from a local shop and have been hand dying baby and kids woolen clothing funky purples, blues, pinks and greens. This pic of Bb wearing a hat I made her using a heap of crafty techniques I have learnt over the winter, felting recycled jumpers, crochet, well I already knew how to applique and sew but I do love the combo of craftyness but shes at that age where she wont were hats!!! Inspired by the book 'Sweater Renewal' by Sharon Franco Rothschild


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  2. Hi Zoe
    Hi just reading your blog-your beautiful heart is just shining through your words onto my computer screen and into my heart.
    Lovely, you are.