Sunday, July 5, 2009

Weekend Visit to the coast

The kids and I drove over to the coast for the weekend to visit my dad and family. The weather was so much nicer but still a bit cold at night. We headed over Friday so we could catch the op-shops, I nearly fell off my chair when RaRa txted me the other day that "Op shops r awesome!" Usually its a universal "NOOOOOOO!!!!!" when ever I want to stop at an op-shop, garage sale, ramdon junk on the side of the road. So I think we visited 3 oppies, the Guyra op-shop where I picked up a cool 70s bedspread, and 2 oppies in Coffs where we got RaRa a suit for $5, which is what she was just looking for. Then Sat there was a garage sale up the road that no-one told me about till 1ish pm, and I scored a vintage ceramic black poodle which may be like a desk type accessories to hold your pen which I will list on Mays hill and a lovely cream colored 100% pure wool blanket which I plan to hand dye and make lots of lovely children's capes.

Bb finally made friends with yoshi my brothers dog and we all enjoyed to sun.

This is such a beautiful view of the mountains just past Dorrigo on our way home Sun arvo. So many different shades of blue, there where heaps of oohhs and arrrs as we stoped to take this pic.

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