Friday, June 12, 2009

Photoshop love!

I love photoshop! I have been at tafe this semester studying web design but enjoy the photoshop stuff heaps more. I did the two layered thing with the B/W underneith and rub it out so that the yellow bush and red rusted roof show through but keep the B/W look.
I took this pic the other day just a few km from my place, sneeked over the fench and across the paddock. I drive past it everyday and have dreamt this image for ages and today was the day it came together.
This old house belonged to the Hawkins family, three children raised here. I dont know how long it has been empty but it has no front door and seems very lonely!
I plan to use this image as part of a new etsy store banner, 'Mays Hill studio' but need a heap of time to sort it all, so one day...

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