Wednesday, June 3, 2009

trift wednesday

Found this unreal crochet owl tea cosie in the Inverell Red Shield op-shop yesterday. I was extra excited about it because I have just learnt to crochet myself wanting to make this baby cocoon and beanie from here for my sister who is about to have her first buba and am now crochet crazy.
Its funny I tryed to teach myself to crochet just before I got pregnant with my son and his nine now!! It was something I thought I would never do and I am a really crafty person and love to dabble in all crafts but no crochet was not something I was ever going to master and apart from that I am left handed, which seems to make it harder to get the stitches but I say if you where like me give it another go and find someone really talented at teaching to show you, I went to my local craft store and Loraine showed me, it only took and hour and I was off like a rocket but I have lost my hook at the moment..grrr I think the baby took off with it!


  1. Love the sock! I'm glad you finally got a blog. I've changed mine a bit, have you looked lately?

  2. hey hi, no can you send me the link again :)